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"Wow! Really in depth. Thank you so much."
Dear Maya, Thank you so much for your reading. The reading has resonated with me. There have been true points from the past and present in the reading. Some events that happened to me last year were definitely unfair and not right. I am very excited that my financial situation is going to change. Thank you also for giving some advises - being patient, gentle and getting out of my comfort zone. Blessings, 
Jocelyn Wilson
wow that is spot on lol . i didnt full on realize exactly all i wanted till u said that but then i sat here n looked back at all my relationship n what i liked about each and ur spot on on what im looking for. I read tarot but im a beginner and i often have a hard time understanding exactly what they are telling me. u have explained everything so perfectly well and gave me some huge insight into what i want and need and really helped me figure myself out. thank u so much.
Angela Carrol
You're the sweetest, and so intuitive ! You definitely have a gift, thank you so much, Maya. Psst... guess who got a job offer today? I'm going back to my old department!!!!! How crazy is life!?!
Hi Maya, thank you so much for the reading and thank you for clarifying the yes/no situation. I have never done a reading before and was very apprehensive about it but reading yours made me feel at ease. I have been wanting to get a law degree for a long time but am afraid I am not cut out for it. I have also been apprehensive because law conflicts with my desire for freedom and creativity. But perhaps these desires can be channeled in a new way and I can mold my personality to allow both rigidity and freedom. I know I'm being pretty brief in my response but you have seriously eased several years of anxiety for me. Thank you.
Jhoan Lalaeine Jo
Thank you, Maya. This resonates with me well. I thought I have already moved on - I believe I have - but from time to time I still remember him and sometimes I doubt myself if I already did. I am going to see him next week (nothing related to 'us') so I wanted to be a little more prepared. I appreciate the conciseness of the reading. Tells me exactly what I need to do. Thanks also for reminding me that I am strong. Sometimes I feel that I am weak. Thank you for your time and talent.
I really appreciate how in-depth this was, it really helped me reconsider my feelings and my reaction to the situation. Thank you.
Thats great. Very positive and actually pretty spot on in the work aspect. I've been working my buns to the bone so maybe I need a day off from it. It's also reminding me to enjoy it. Every time I work in it instead of enjoy it I get a bit overwhelmed. Thank you for the reading. It was a really good one. -Deb
Thank you so much for this lovely reading, Maya. It really helps to set my mind at ease, and the advice about leaning on others for support is very helpful. I am doing my best to let go of past fears, and this reading will help me to do that. Thank you again for your compassion and insight.
Andre La Grange
Hi Maya Absolutely spot on in so many ways. Thank your for this reading its was exactly what I needed to hear right now, and yes it does make perfect sense in my current situation. And on top of that, the two extra cards you pulled was the icing on the cake for me, and it all comes together perfectly. You did a great job and it felt so personal an definitely came from a higher source with the information provided, I hope you continue to do readings for a long time. Warmest blessings. Andre
Thank you so much for your reading Maya. It was accurate and I know I must believe in the universe and stop obsessing. Thank you for responding quickly. I appreciate it.
Alex Cornacher
Hello Maya I am very grateful for this reading and style you have chosen for me, please do not be apologetic for any wait, you did this in a far quicker time than any previous request to other readers and it is a kind service you have provided me with in this time. For feedback I am at a loss for words, it is a very helpful reading as I have difficulty carrying out readings on my own behalf. The format works very well for the questions asked, providing much needed food for thought as the months roll on with areas to focus on which are typically not considered when I attempt to find answers in the tarot. Your choice in description helps as I typically focus on the wrong aspect of a card while ignoring the opportunities for growth. I admire the honesty also as sometimes when negative cards appear when others have read for me, the reader often is far too careful with the facts of their implications. I wish you all the very best for your future endeavours, you have my appreciation for this helpful deed carried out on my behalf. Your choice of words and style made this an interesting and useful experience. Many thanks Alex
Kelly Mae
This reading was fantastic. Before I read the message from Maya I tried to be intuitive with the cards myself. Much of what I felt about the cards pulled was what she touched on in the reading. She answered my questions in the perfect way and really let me take this as a guide and not a definite. I look forward to getting another reading with Maya again sometime!
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