About Simple Elemental

About Simple Elemental
I've created the original Facebook page back in 2017 as a connection point for people who are searching. For people who are interested in spirituality, esp earth-based. For people who like me love to learn more about crystals,chakras, tarot, angel cards, reiki, healing oneself and others,mindfulness, the elements and all that connects us. And now it turned into a shop....
As far as Tarot is concerned:
I would be happy to do a reading for you. But before I do, there are somethings I would like for you to know about how I read tarot.
The real gift of tarot is its ability to access hidden information, uncover the energy that flows under the surface of circumstances, to understand the things we hide from ourselves. Tarot is a wealth of information about the choices we face day to day, how they relate to us and how this information can make those choices different… if you so choose.
I am not a fortune teller. I do not tell you when you will meet your life partner or when you are going to get that big promotion. I am a card reader and while I sometimes see what looks like definitive answers I usually do not provide them. Why? Because, you are the master of your own destiny. And what is valid today might not be tomorrow because you chose something different. No one can tell you your future, but you can design it and tarot can help you access that information.
So let me say this again :-) Predicting the future with a clear, definitive, guaranteed yes or no answer is not something tarot is able to do as we all have Free Will.   For example, we cannot control what someone may or may not decide to do in the future, however based on the cards that appear for potential future outcomes, we are able to gain valuable insight and guidance that will empower us to take action for ourselves, changing our present in order to affect the future and get the result we want.  
About Me:
I'm living in rural Ireland hidden away but am originally from Germany. The move from Germany in 2000 was the biggest adventure I've done apart from working as a childminder in Michigian, USA for a year. 
I love Ireland, am addicted to coffee, Lego and books besides tarot and crystals obviously. I like spending time with my two girls and my 12 Indian Runner Ducks,
Legal Disclaimer: This reading is for entertainment purposes only and should never take the place of any medical, legal, financial or any other professional advice and guidance. Simple Elemental Tarot does not take responsibility for any decisions or actions taken by the Client based upon any consultations. Please bear in mind that no guarantee can be given as to the accuracy of any reading.